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Maximizing Your Car’s Visibility At Night

Driving at night can be dangerous. But driving at night with limited visibility, that can be deadly. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep yourself safe by maximizing your car’s visibility at night.

Your Car’s Visibility

People chronically overestimate their own skills behind the wheel. That is just a fact. It’s a psychosocial phenomenon referred to as “overconfidence bias,” which is prevalent in a variety of fields from gambling to sports to, of course, driving. Although intoxication, aggressive and distracted driving, speeding, and so forth are usually the direct causes of car accidents, overconfidence is often the actual, underlying reason for these behaviors.

Overconfident people overestimate their abilities and underestimate the dangers and risks of the road. The problem is that the difference between being overconfident in your pick of sports teams versus being overconfident in your driving is one of life and death. The first and most important thing you can do to improve your safety on the road is to have some critical self-awareness. You must realize that you are not Mario Andretti, so you should not drive like you’re Mario Andretti. If, while reading this, you find yourself thinking “that all sounds great, but it doesn’t apply to me. I’m a great driver!” Moreover, if, even now, you find yourself thinking that while “yes, some bad drivers probably do think of themselves of great drives. That doesn’t apply to me, because I actually am a great driver!” Well then, you should probably know that over 80% of people rate themselves “above average” drivers. They can’t all be right!

Check Your Headlights

Headlamps are an often-neglected, albeit essential, part of driving safely at night. With age, headlights can yellow, get foggy, and even fill with water – all of which can severely affect their ability to illuminate the road for you. If your headlights fill with water, you’ll probably need to have them replaced. Otherwise, like if they’re merely blurry or foggy, you should be able to clean them up with some toothpaste and a wet cloth.

Front And Rear Windows

Not many people still wash their own cars. Some take theirs to detailers, others use automated car washes. Even so, everyone should still take the time to ensure their front and rear windows are kept clean and clear of dirt, dead bugs, and debris. Make sure you keep your window washer fluid filled and, if necessary, give your windshield a quick clean the next time you pull over for gas.

Invest In A Backup Camera

Vehicles with higher ride heights suffer from a loss of below-the-tailgate visibility, meaning you’ll be completely unaware that toys, pets, or fire hydrants are impeding your path. Some cars come with built-in backup cameras. If not, you can still buy one off the rack and have it installed on your car along with a center-display console.  

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Lou and Andy Named to Best Lawyers 2018

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Andy Rossetti and Lou DeVoto have again been named to New Jersey's Best Lawyers for 2018 for Personal Injury Litigation. This is the 15th year in a row that both Rossetti & DeVoto have been named in the elite rankings.

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