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Unsafe & Defective Products

Defective products make their way into the marketplace each year, causing countless injuries to unsuspecting consumers.

Some products are manufactured incorrectly, some are designed wrong and some fail to warn consumers about hidden dangers. Each of these defects can cause serious or deadly injuries.
Our law firm has handled many large and complex product liability cases with outstanding results. In fact, we are on the cutting edge, often creating new laws that protect consumers through our cases. You may be surprised to know that most products do not have to be made to any specifications. It is up to the maker of the product to design, build and sell a safe product. So how do you hold manufacturers accountable for their poor products?

Rossetti and DeVoto will utilize only the best experts in their chosen fields to demonstrate that products are defective. In addition, these experts will rely on industry standards and government standards to prove the product defect. We also search to find out how many other incidences of injury that the product has caused by networking with other attorneys and searching government databases.

If you think you have been injured by a defective product, contact us and we will be glad to review your case. Here are seven things you should do immediately:

  1. Save the product!
  2. If you have the product, protect it from the weather and do not use it again.
  3. If someone else has the product, tell them to keep it and contact an attorney who can file a motion to have a court order the product be preserved.
  4. Locate and save all store receipts, purchase materials, owner’s manuals and anything else that you have that identifies the product and where it came from.
  5. If you have witnesses, write their names down and get their addresses and phone numbers.
  6. Contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission to advise them of the defective product and to see if your product has been recalled.
  7. Contact us to review your case at no obligation.

To learn more, click here to read the Unsafe/Defective Products FAQs


$7.5 Billion settlement against Tobacco Industry for the citizens of New Jersey. The suit sought to recover billions of dollars that the state and its taxpayers paid through the Medicaid program for health care costs attributable to smoking related illnesses. Lou DeVoto did extensive work on this landmark settlement, along with six other law firms and the State Attorney General.

$5.5 Million Jury Verdict against General Motors. Harold Tucker, 69-year-old Salem man, was paralyzed from the chest down in a car crash. His attorneys argued that a defective seat belt was the cause of his injuries. The jury agreed and ordered General Motors to pay $5.5 million in damages. Andy Rossetti represented Mr. Tucker.

Over $4 Million awarded by a jury for the plaintiff who has been disabled due to a poorly designed seat belt in a Toyota pick-up truck. Andy Rossetti assisted in representing the injured plaintiff.

$3.5 Million settlement obtained on behalf of our client who was scalped by a workplace conveyor. Andy Rossetti represented the plaintiff who had devastating and debilitating injuries.

$2.75 Million settlement obtained on behalf of our client who was severely injured by a defectively designed delivery van. Andy Rossetti handled this complex products liability case resulting in brain injuries and life-long problems for RD’s client.

$1.6 Million Products Liability settlement for a 24 year old woman severely injured while riding in a reclined position in her vehicle. Andrew Rossetti brought national attention to the hidden dangers of reclining seats in a case against Chrysler.

$1,300,000.00 settlement for a machinist in Millville, New Jersey, who was assigned to “upkeep” on a glass bottle manufacturing machine and as he was changing a neck ring his shirt became engulfed in flames when it came in contact with the 1500 degree bottles that are moved by conveyor. Andy Rossetti represented our client.

$1.15 Million settlement for a 43 year old worker who lost part of his hand in a poorly guarded industrial machine. Lou DeVoto assisted in the representation.

$1,287,500 settlement paid by Rita’s Water Ice to the woman whose leg was amputated after being struck by a car while waiting in line for Water Ice. The company has since installed barrier poles to prevent cars from striking pedestrians. Lou DeVoto represented the women and her family.

$1,020,000 settlement for wrongful death case that resulted from a defectively designed and manufactured go-cart. Andy Rossetti represented the family.

1.35 Million settlement for a 24-year-old Bridgeton man whose hand was amputated in a defective vegetable-processing machine. Lou DeVoto represented the young man.

$800,000 product liability settlement for a man who was killed when his truck caught fire after an impact with a tree. Andy Rossetti handled this complex Product Liability case.

$800,000 settlement for a 32-year-old Vineland man whose hand was severely burned in a glass making machine. Andy Rossetti represented this hardworking family man.

$800,000 for a man injured in the workplace by a defective machine. Andy Rossetti represented the plaintiff.

$750,000 settlement for a 35-year-old Paulsboro man whose leg was amputated below the knee in a heavy equipment accident. Lou DeVoto represented the gentlemen.

$750,000 settlement for a women whose hand was partially amputated in a meat grinder while working. Andy Rossetti represented the young lady.

$775,000 settlement reached after one week of trial for a boy injured by a defective bicycle. Lou DeVoto represented the boy and his mother.

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