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Falsifying Medical Records: What You Should Know!

examples of falsifying medical records

Medical records falsification continues to be a major cause of concern in the medical field. From deleting information to improperly modifying and altering details, falsification of a medical record is a serious offense that should not be taken lightly. It is considered a crime in New Jersey to falsify medical records. Falsified medical records can also lead to legal action against the at-fault hospital.

Our law office often encounters these cases when handling personal injury, wrongful death, and other medical malpractice lawsuits. If you think a medical professional has falsified your medical documents, you can contact the team at Rossetti, DeVoto, P.C.

Below, we’ll discuss everything about falsifying a medical record and what to do if your medical records have been falsified.

What Do We Mean by Falsifying Medical Records?

Medical records are legal documents that compile information about a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, family medical history, and imaging or lab results. If someone modifies, changes, or alters that information; it is called the falsification of medical records. They are required by law to be complete and accurate.

What Does it Involve?

As mentioned, falsifying or altering medical records involves medical professionals making false entries in a patient’s record. This can be done for many reasons, including to make it appear as if a patient’s condition has improved or to hide mistakes doctors and other medical practitioners have made. However, in addition to making it tougher to prove a malpractice claim, this can also have serious implications for the quality of medical care. For example, it can contribute to a misdiagnosis, incorrect medication plans, and austere injury to a patient.

Typically, examples of falsifying medical records involve:

  • Changing the facts of a patient’s case or medical history without documenting the change.
  • Fabricating a patient’s lab reports and diagnosis.
  • Recording inaccurate information on the chart.
  • Forging signatures on prescriptions.
  • Changing the diagnosis on a record without documenting the change.
  • Deleting data from a medical record.

How Do You Find Out?

There are many ways to determine if your medical chart has been falsified. One way is to request your medical records and see if they accurately record your treatment. Another way is to consult a physician and ask them to examine the records. If they find anything suspicious, they can contact the hospital and your primary doctor to see what went wrong.

One example could be that you have never received a certain medicine or treatment, yet the medical record shows that you did.

If you believe that your medical documents are falsified, it is crucial to seek legal counsel immediately.

What Kind of Lawsuit Can You Sue for This?

The most common types of lawsuits for medical record falsification are the following.

Negligence Claims

Negligence is when someone doesn’t take the correct patient care to avoid causing harm to others. In this case, negligence could mean failing to properly treat you because of inaccurate records. It may also mean that medical mistakes were made followed by an attempted cover-up.

Fraud Claims

Fraud is when someone intentionally lies or deceives another person for personal gain or advantage. In this case, fraud could mean lying about something to benefit a medical professional or covering up errors.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A medical record is crucial in any legal matter to establish the care and treatment provided but also for use in legal proceedings. We scour your medical records to see if any medical professionals falsified your records. If your medical documentation has been falsified and you suffered harm, you may be able to sue a hospital or doctor for negligence and fraud. If proven, a lawsuit can be a powerful tool to get the compensation you deserve following a settlement.

Contact Rossetti, DeVoto, PC

Medical record falsification is a serious problem that can have serious medical consequences. If you suspect that your healthcare provider committed malpractice and has falsified your medical records, contact the experts at Rossetti, DeVoto, P.C. We expand our law expertise to Cherry Hill, Hackensack communities, and New Brunswick.

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