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Construction Site Accidents

Each year thousands upon thousands of construction workers are injured from falls at heights greater than six feet. All of these falls are and should be prevented, since there are strict government regulations that require fall protection to be utilized at any height over six feet.

Unfortunately, general contractors and subcontractors looking to reduce costs, cut safety first. This subjects all workers to dangerous conditions and the risk of being fired if they speak up and insist on fall protection.

General contractors have an obligation as does every other contractor on the job, to follow the government’s OSHA guidelines for the implementation of fall protection. These protections include the use of guard rails, tie ropes, hard hats, and scaffolding. Safety begins at the top and oftentimes when the general contractor does not require a safe jobsite, the subcontractors will follow suit ignore safety on the job.

We have successfully handled many construction cases. Our quick action, thorough investigation and top team of experts will provide the foundation for your case. Have you been a victim of a construction fall? If so, contact us and we will be happy to review your case at no obligation. If you have any other questions on construction falls or accidents, please refer to our question and answer section.

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$2.5 Million settlement several construction companies and a machine manufacturer paid $2.5 million to the worker for injuries he sustained on a construction site. He lost his leg and his vision in one eye after an unstable machine was allowed onto a job site and was assigned for use by the general contractor in an area for which it was not intended. Andy Rossetti represented the injured worker.

$1.4 Million settlement for a 38-year-old Mays Landing laboror severely injured on a construction site in South Jersey. Andy Rossetti represented the man. $1.4 million jury verdict for the family of a man killed in a gasoline tanker explosion. Andy Rossetti and Lou DeVoto assisted in representing the family.

$802,500 settlement for fall at Construction Site that caused a brain injury. Plaintiff’s employer paid the settlement in addition to paying all past and future workers’ compensation benefits. Lou DeVoto handled the case for RD.

$550,000 settlement for injuries sustained by construction worker in a trench collapse on residential home site.

$475,000 settlement for a Portuguese immigrant who suffered a compound fracture of two bones in his arm and a torn rotator cuff after falling 25 feet in a construction fall from an unguarded work platform that violated OSHA guidelines. Lou DeVoto handled this case against Orleans Home Builders.

$300,000 settlement for a Portuguese immigrant who fractured his hip after falling 20 feet from an unguarded floor of a construction site. The unguarded sides of the floor deck violated OSHA guidelines. Lou DeVoto represented our client.

$150,000 for a construction fall caused by a General Contractor’s failure to have the required safety equipment for his workers.

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