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Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Traumatic brain injury is defined as traumatically-induced physiological disruption of brain function usually manifested by any period of loss of consciousness, memory loss immediately before or after an accident, or any alteration and mental status or awareness. Each year, more than 1.5 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Brain injuries claim more than 50,000 lives per year and leave another 80,000 individuals with life-long disabilities.

The most common causes of brain injury in young and middle-aged Americans (ages 16-24) is trauma from motor vehicle accidents and falls. Despite the sheer numbers, TBI is still designated as a “silent epidemic.” For those who survive, brain injury is a life-altering event for the victim and their families. Serious physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral impairments are a frequent result. In addition, the medical costs are staggering although, as this https://medizin-aspekte.de/neue-technologien-bei-schaedel-ops-94262/ article points out, there is new technology being harnessed to treat head injuries to try and make these treatments as successful as possible. Where changes do occur, often the person with the brain injury is not even aware that they are different, instead attributing problems to daily life struggles. These problems include learning, remembering and organizing information.

ROSSETTI & DEVOTO, P.C. is a law firm experienced in representing persons with traumatic brain injuries. Mr. DeVoto was elected and served on the Board of Trustees of Bancroft NeuroHealth (a prestigious brain injury school located in Haddonfield, New Jersey) as well as Bancroft Brain Injury Services Corp. (Bancroft’s brain injury rehabilitation center). ROSSETTI & DEVOTO, P.C. works with some of the top neurologists, neuropsychiatrists, neuropsychologists, and vocational rehabilitation experts in the world. We understand the medicine as well as the treatment and rehabilitation needed to allow brain injured persons to return to our community and be effective and contributing members. If you’ve had the misfortune to have sustained a traumatic brain injury, call us now and let our experience work for you.


Spinal cord injuries (SCI) occur approximately 11,000 times per year in the United States and primarily affects young adults with most persons injuring their spinal cord between 16 and 38 years of age. Since 2000, a staggering 78 percent of all spinal cord injuries occur in young males. The lifetime medical care costs are staggering as is the resulting physical and emotional disability left for the injured person and their families. Motor vehicle crashes are the primary cause of SCI in the United States, followed by falls and diving accidents.

ROSSETTI & DEVOTO, P.C. is an experienced law firm that has represented people with spinal cord injuries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for many years with excellent results. Read about Mr. Rossetti’s $5.5 million jury verdict in Camden County for a man who was partially paralyzed by a defective General Motors seatbelt and his $2.5 million settlement in Burlington County for a woman who was partially paralyzed from a car crash that was caused by a defective vehicle.

If you have suffered from any spinal cord injury including quadriplegia, paraplegia, incomplete paraplegia, hemiplegia or motor dysfunction call ROSSETTI & DEVOTO, P.C. and let our law firm talk to you about your case and how we can help.

Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances


Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances

$5.5 Million Jury Verdict against General Motors. Harold Tucker, 69-year-old Salem man, was paralyzed from the chest down in a car crash. His attorneys argued that a defective seat belt was the cause of his injuries. The jury agreed and ordered General Motors to pay $5.5 million in damages. Andy Rossetti represented Mr. Tucker.

Over $4 Million Jury Verdict against Toyota awarded by a jury for the plaintiff who has been disabled due to a poorly designed seat belt in a Toyota pick-up truck. Andy Rossetti assisted in representing the injured plaintiff.

$3.5 Million settlement obtained on behalf of our client who was scalped by a workplace conveyor. Andy Rossetti represented the plaintiff who had devastating and debilitating injuries.

$2.75 Million settlement obtained on behalf of our client who was severely injured by a defectively designed delivery van. Andy Rossetti handled this complex products liability case resulting in brain injuries and life-long problems for RD’s client.

$2.5 Million settlement several construction companies and a machine manufacturer paid $2.5 million to the worker for injuries he sustained on a construction site. He lost his leg and his vision in one eye after an unstable machine was allowed onto a job site and was assigned for use by the general contractor in an area for which it was not intended. Andy Rossetti represented the injured worker.

$1.8 Million settlement for Texas truck driver who suffered mild brain injuries in New Jersey in Turnpike crash. The case was settled after three days of trial in Middlesex County, New Jersey. Lou DeVoto handled the case for R&D.

$1.6 Million settlement against Chrysler for the combination of a defective seat belt and reclining seat that caused spinal cord injury to teenager who reclined her front passenger seat and was injured by the seat belt that severed her neck and part of her spinal cord as she moved forward on impact. Andy Rossetti handled the case.

$1.5 Million Jury Verdict against Cumberland County for dangerous road conditions that caused severe injuries to our client when he crashed going over the roadway on his motorcycle. County had been out to repair the road 50 times prior to the crash without successfully correcting the hazardous condition. Lou DeVoto represented the plaintiff and tried the case for the firm.

$900,000 settlement at Mediation for 59 year old women injured in car crash causing traumatic brain injury and post-concussive syndrome. Lou DeVoto handled the case. The Mediator was Retired Superior Court Judge Mark Epstein.

$900,000 settlement for mild brain injury sustained by a fifty two year old British citizen who was visiting friends in the USA when he was involved in a serious car crash. Lou DeVoto represented the plaintiff.

$900,000 settlement for the wrongful death of 75 year old women who was injured and died of a head injury after she tripped over negligently located parking bumpers in a South Jersey shopping center. Lou DeVoto represented our client.

$802,500 settlement for fall at Construction Site that caused a brain injury. Plaintiff’s employer paid the settlement in addition to paying all past and future workers’ compensation benefits. Lou DeVoto represented RD’s client.

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