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Claims Against Public Entities / Title 59

Rossetti & DeVoto vigorously pursues claims against all public entities and employees arising out of their negligence in causing harm to others.
This includes claims against the United States, individual States, Counties, Municipalities and School Districts for a multitude of failures that cause injury or death including:

  • Dangerous conditions of public lands, buildings and parks
  • Dangerous roadways, bridges and guardrails
  • Failing to warn of dangerous conditions
  • Negligence of lifeguards at public pools, recreational facilities and schools
  • School district negligence caused by employees of the school
  • Negligent inspections that cause dangerous conditions of property to exist
  • Negligence of public employees in the everyday, routine functions of their jobs
  • Vehicle crashes caused by public employees including police officer
  • Medical doctors and nurses working for a public institution such as UMDNJ and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital
  • UMDNJ and Robert Wood Johnson hospitals as well as prisons
  • Post offices, military bases and other properties owned and operated by the United States of America

We have pursued and won many cases against public employees and public entities including the USA, individual States, local counties and municipalities, local school boards, NJ Transit, PATCO, SEPTA and PATH, local and state police, and many more.

Claims against public entities must be brought under a special law known as the Tort Claims Act. This Act requires a special notice to be given to the entity very soon after the negligent act and also grants immunity to public entities and public employees for a variety of negligent actions. It is imperative that you seek legal counsel immediately if you believe that you have a claim against a public entity.
Although the law may give you up to two years in which to file a lawsuit, the Notice of Tort Claim that must be given to the public entity may be due much sooner and will bar your right to recovery if done incorrectly or past the time limit.

Recent Claims We Have Successfully Resolved Against Public Entities

$2.4 Million for negligent police search after failing to follow their own guidelines and procedures

$1.9 Million settlement for drowning death caused by life guard negligence at local Burlington County school district

$1.85 Million settlement for crash caused by Monmouth County bus driver

$1.5 Million verdict for hazardous roadway in Cumberland County

$1.5 Million settlement after State Police officer negligently crashes into motorcycle rider

$600,000 settlement for injuries sustained on dangerous condition of federal lands at Joint Base-McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst

$450,000 settlement for negligent supervision in high school sports

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