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How to Stop your Kids from Texting and Driving

texting and driving

One of the scariest things for a parent is to watch your children grow up and become more independent. While you always want them to excel as they mature, having them go off on their own is a scary concept. And, when they get Driving Lessons Durham and finally get their license, it’s just another way for them to spread their wings and see what else is out there. Still, when they are just starting to drive, you want to be especially wary of them paying attention to the road. If they are to have an accident, especially one that was completely their fault, they could be at risk of needing to look for a criminal defense lawyer in Colorado Springs (or wherever they are based) to support them in court. Even worse, they could have an involvement in the death of another. Fortunately, parents, today can rely on driving apps to help. There are a variety of distracted driving apps you might consider. They are all designed to help you and your kids avoid distractions on the road. Here’s how to use apps to stop your kids from texting and driving.

How to Stop your Kids from Texting and DrivingIntroduce Driving Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving

In the United States, over 37,000 distracted driving car accidents happen every day. Among those accidents. Estimates are that there are over 3000 distracted driving accidents that result in death. Being a parent of a young driver, this sort of statistic can be terrifying. Even more frightening, over 330,000 crashes that result in severe injuries occur each year due to texting. You want your children to stay safe on the road and hope they can avoid these accidents. While you can’t control other drives, power new driving applications make it possible to help them avoid distractions.

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Even as an experienced driver, distracted driving is a significant source of danger on the road today. Talking, texting, using social media, or watching videos -it’s terrifying how many drivers regularly engage in these activities while driving. To this end, many companies have started making driving apps designed to keep individuals off their phones and pay more attention to the road.

The reality is, distracted driving can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. As mentioned above, it is responsible for many accidents each year, precisely when a cell phone is involved. What sort of options can these apps provide for you as a parent?

Distracted Driving Apps

Being a parent of a new driver, you’ll likely want to consider a variety of distracted driving apps. Selecting the right app can vary based on features. Some of the most popular applications include parent driving apps. These applications send notifications to parents and can help you keep track of your children while still allowing them autonomy as a driver. Similarly, many applications are designed to prevent texting or to talk at specific speeds.

Parent Driving Apps

If you have a child behind the wheel, driving apps can be a powerful tool in your toolbox to help you keep them safe on the road. Whether it’s one of the popular applications that disable texting, calls, share location, or a parent driving apps that provides notifications to parents, there are many options to choose.

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