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The Top Mistakes Made During Personal Injury Claims

personal injury claims

If the recklessness of another party caused an accident and you got an injury, you have the right to seek damages for your physical and emotional injuries. In other words, for personal injury claims. Navigating the waters of personal injury lawsuits, however, is fraught with dangers and pitfalls. Oftentimes, individuals make mistakes very soon after their injuries. And, before seeing an attorney, which can prove costly to their claims. Here are some of the top mistakes made during this critical time period after getting an injury.

Not Notifying the Police or other Investigatory Body

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to a personal injury claim is failing to notify the proper authorities about their injury. Notifying the police, security officers, or other emergency personnel, after an accident is critical for the success of your claim. Police officers can serve as extremely useful – and trustworthy – third-parties during the claims process. They can collect valuable information, such as personal information of witnesses, details about the nature of the accident, and other relevant information. If the liable party denied fault for your injuries in the future, the police can be a powerful source of trusted information. So, always be sure to notify them immediately.

Not Collecting and Preserving Evidence

Always attempt to obtain and preserve critical evidence.  Take photos and videos where applicable, especially in cases involving crashes, falls, defective products and unsafe premises. Most phones now have the ability to also record audio statements by using the “voice memo” feature. Always collect the contact information for as many witnesses as possible. In a personal injury case, you need all the help you can get. Therefore, third-party accounts of the accident are crucial for the success of your claim.

Not Seeing a Doctor

Once you are injured, it is essential that you seek medical attention immediately. Seeing a doctor as soon as possible after an accident is crucial for your health and well-being. As well as the success of any personal injury claims. Your doctor can provide both the treatment you need to get well after an injury. They can also provide the documentation to give your claim the best chance of success. You should follow your doctor’s advice and when you disagree, get a second opinion.  

Waiting too Long to File a Claim

If you got an injury in an accident, time is of the essence. Because of the statute of limitations that New Jersey law places on personal injury claims, you likely only have two years to file your lawsuit. If the statute of limitations expires, there is a strong likelihood that the judge may dismiss any claims you may bring.

Not Contacting an Experienced Attorney

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make when it comes to personal injury claims is not choosing the right lawyer. Don’t fall for flashy billboards or catchy radio jingles – get an experienced and knowledgeable attorney with a track record of success.  You need Rossetti & DeVoto, PC. If you are the victim of someone’s negligence and feel you are owed compensation for your pain and suffering, Rossetti & DeVoto, PC is ready to assist you through the process of claiming compensation for your injuries. Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys will relentlessly fight for your rights, and make sure that you always come out on top.  Call us today at (844) 263-6260 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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