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Sleep Deprivation Car Accidents During the Holiday Season

Sleep Deprivation Car Accidents

Car accidents are common and have many causes. Many are preventable. Accidents caused by sleep deprivation are very common, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Sleep deprivation accident statistics indicate that as much as a fourth of drivers have dozed off while driving. Studies also show that driving while lacking sleep is as bad as driving while intoxicated.

As negative as it sounds, we have a high chance of being involved in a car accident at some point in our lives, and after this we will need legal help (be it a personal injury lawyer springfield illinois, or one based closer to you). It could be that if an accident does happen, it could be from someone else who is sleep-deprived. Car accidents caused by sleep deprivation can receive the same treatment as other accidents, but there are certain steps to follow. If you are involved in an accident, are injured in some way, or your property has become damaged as a result, you may want to reach out to a car accident attorney las vegas like Valiente Mott, if you’re in that region. Keep reading to learn about sleep deprivation car accidents – what to do if you get an injury this holiday season.

5 Steps to Follow in a Sleep Deprivation Accident

Sleep Deprivation Car Accidents During the Holidays

If you have an involvement in a sleep deprivation car accident, follow these tips in order to reduce the hassle on your part:

Document the accident.

If you suspect that the other party did not get enough sleep, make sure that you take this into account. Much like any other accident, however, document everything. Take photos of the crash, and make sure that the times that you note down are as accurate as possible. This will minimize confusion when an investigation comes to an end later on. You should always Read more about car accidents and the legalities surrounding them online so you fully understand the situation you’re in.

Report the accident to the proper channels.

There are certain states where driving while drowsy or while sleep-deprived is illegal. If this is the case with your incident, make sure that you report the accident to the proper channels. Call 911 immediately for assistance.

During the investigation, the police will want to know if the other party lacks sleep. Your insurance company will also want to know if that is the case, since some premiums will take accidents like these into account.

Always have your documents at the ready.

Accident or not, you should always have important vehicle-related documents in your glove compartment. These include copies of your vehicle registration and insurance. Having all of these at the ready will save you the hassle of waiting, and the processes involved will go faster.

Keep open lines of communication between you and the other party involved.

Do not forget to get the other party’s contact details just in case there is a need to contact them for any reason. Investigations always come after accidents – you don’t want the other party to just disappear.

Sleep Deprivation Auto Accidents

Be mindful of your rights.

Finally, make sure that you always know your rights. Your rights shall be respected by the other party, the investigators and any other persons who might be present during the incident.

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