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Someone’s Dog Bit Me: Are They Liable?

dog bite liability

Many of us believe “a dog is man’s best friend”, but we must still remember that dogs are still animals, and they have personalities of their own, many with aggressive tendencies.  When dogs feel threatened, scared, overwhelmed, or confused, they will often act out, just as humans do. When dogs act out, sometimes, they bite. And when they bite, dog bites can cause serious injuries.  Regardless of the reason for the dog bite, a dog owner is almost always held responsible for the actions of his or her dog.

What Is the Law Governing Dog Bites in New Jersey?

When it comes to a dangerous dog bite in New Jersey, the law is straightforward. Dog owners are strictly liable for damages caused by a dog bite.  Strict liability means that regardless of how much care the dog owner took to train his dog and be a good dog owner, he is liable for the dog bite just for the fact that it happened.  

Is Pursuing a Legal Claim Worth It?

dog bite lawsuit njIf the dog bite results in stitches and scarring, then your injury is serious enough to warrant a claim.  Most dog bite claims are paid by the homeowners insurance of the dog owner, regardless of the location where the dog bite occurred.  The compensation paid is often dependent upon the facts of the dog attack. Obviously, the viciousness of the dog and the location of the scarring on your body are significant factors in the compensation you receive.  For example, a dog bite that results in a scar on the face or lip is generally more serious than one on the leg. A scar that is usually covered by clothing is worth less than one that is almost always exposed. Some scars require plastic surgery and scar revisions.  Some scars develop into keloid scars, making them raised and unsightly. 

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If a dog bites you or a loved one, get immediate medical treatment and then protect yourself by speaking to an experienced personal injury attorney. A dog bite attack can leave you seriously injured and scarred for life.  Seek the fair compensation you deserve by calling the office of Rossetti & DeVoto, PC at (844) 263-6260 to schedule a consultation with one of our world-class attorneys today.

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