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What Types of Evidence Are Required to Prove My Negligent Security Case?

negligent security cases

Visiting a restaurant, bar, or nightclub can end with you being the victim. Either of an assault, battery, or other serious crime. This is a horrible experience that most of us never anticipate when we go out for the night. After all, why would anyone want to attack me? However, attacks are often a result of the way a business establishment operates. And, the way in which they handle security threats. All of this can lead to negligent security cases.

If you have been injured as a result of negligent security at a restaurant, bar, nightclub, or hotel, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. The compensation could cover the pain and suffering and medical expenses caused by the failures of the business and its staff.

But how can you prove such a claim? What type of evidence do you require to prove a negligent security case?

What is Necessary to Prove Negligent Security?

For negligent security case to be proven in New Jersey, several aspects of negligence need to be established the person who was injured. Was a crime foreseeable? Did the business owner act reasonably to protect his or her patrons knowing of criminal risks?

Was the Crime Foreseeable?

In the majority of negligent security claim cases, the victim needs to prove that the crime that occurred was foreseeable. This means that the business owner or property manager either knew – or had reason to know – that a criminal risk existed.

The foreseeability of a crime depends upon the judgment of a “reasonable person”. If a reasonable person would be able to foresee that security or criminal risk existed, the business owner will likely be responsible for negligent security. If, however, a reasonable person would not anticipate the risk of a criminal act occurring, the business owner may face judgment proving they provided adequate security.

negligent security case

Did the Owner Breach The Duty of Care?

Business owners have a standard duty of care for properly maintaining and securing their properties and businesses from unreasonable risks. If a business owner fails to comply with their duty of care, they may be liable for negligent security.

Business owners are in the best position to know and understand the security threats to patrons. And, they are also in the best position to prevent these attacks. Unfortunately, all too often, they put profits over safety. Moreover, they fail to act reasonably to protect patrons from unruly guests. Not to mention outsiders who prey on these unsuspecting victims when they leave the establishment.

Evidence of Negligent Security

Proving a negligent security claim requires evidence that an owner knew or should have known that a crime was foreseeable. But, they failed to act reasonably to protect unsuspecting patrons from these risks. This is often referred to in the law as “constructive knowledge“. Constructive knowledge in negligent security cases refers to an owner’s knowledge of past instances of similar types of crimes or attacks. And such that he or she should have reasonably known that it was likely to take place again. Many times, evidence exists regarding the number of police calls made to the establishment. And, the number of crimes committed at the establishment or in the location immediately surrounding the establishment.

In situations where a business owner should foresee potential criminal activity, they must act reasonably to protect their patrons. This includes whether the business owner hired security staff, the staff was properly trained and had security ID badges similar to this InstantCard to enter back areas. It can also mean the business allowed for only a safe number of patrons to enter the establishment. And, whether there was safe ingress and egress to the establishment including proper parking, and adequate lighting. In addition to a security presence that was visible from the exterior of the building. All of these actions have been eminent for deterring and thwarting criminal activity.

If You Get an Injury as a Result of Negligent Security, Get Expert Legal Help Now

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