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Why You Should Consider How You Express Yourself at the Scene of an Accident


Accidents can be stressful and challenging to handle, especially when you’re in shock – it’s a form of trauma that can leave you scarred for life. However, that isn’t an excuse to give in to your instincts and do or say whatever to the other driver, authorities, or car insurance company. How you handle yourself and the situation immediately after an accident can significantly impact its outcome, so it’s best to rein in your feelings at the scene. Here are a few reasons why:

Post-Accident Confusion

Immediately after suffering injuries in a car accident, you might inadvertently admit fault and take the accident blame or be tempted to directly claim the other person is the at-fault driver and demand retribution from their car insurance company. It’s easy to say that you’ll sue them for all they are worth, but if you live in no-fault states (including New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania), you may have a limited right to sue the at-fault driver’s insurance.

Not Admitting You’re Fine

If you overreacted to your injuries after the accident, it could be embarrassing to admit later that you’re fine and your injuries weren’t as bad as you thought. In the same vein, it can cause significant problems for you later in a car accident case if you say that you’re OK at the scene, only to realize that you have hidden injuries that require later treatment. As much as possible, avoid making any statements to an insurance adjuster without the guidance of a car accident lawyer.

Feeling of Shock

Shock can affect your perception of your memories and leave you suffering from traumatic flashbacks. Your feelings after an accident can differ immensely from those you feel after several hours, days, or months due to shock. Instead of lashing out, document your experience – write down what you are feeling, get the details of the other driver and any witnesses, and take photos or videos of the accident scene to help with memory after an accident. Make sure that a police report is filed as this can support your claims and determine fault.

Going to ER

Your priority after an accident should be to seek medical attention. Worry about the medical bills later because some injuries can worsen without immediate treatment. Don’t be stubborn about going to the ER.

Detailing All Pain

One of the ways that people deal with pain is by downplaying or denying it. To collect damages properly, you must be upfront about the pain you’re experiencing. Often, the at-fault driver can be held liable for medical bills, lost income, physical pain and suffering, and mental anguish.

Following Up with the Family Doctor

Some injuries only show up a few days or weeks after an accident. Even if you initially get a clean bill of health, don’t hesitate to follow up with your doctor if you feel anything off. The longer an injury goes undetected, the worse the consequences are.

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