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$4.75 Million Settlement for Wrongful Death After Negligent Service of Alcohol at Waterpark Causes Drunken Crash

An indoor waterpark operator agreed to pay $4,750,000 settlement for wrongful death. That was to settle claims that it caused the death of one child and seriously injured another. It all happened after serving alcohol to the childrens’ father when he was visibly intoxicated. The waterpark owner and operator was defendant Apex Parks Group, LLC, a defunct company. It was one of the Top 20 settlements for the year in New Jersey. Lou DeVoto represented RD’s clients The children’s mother Ana Silva filed a lawsuit in Superior Court, Camden County. It was against the waterpark operator and her ex-husband Marcelo… Read More

Confidential Settlement in Electrocution Wrongful Death Case

A 16-year-old boy was electrocuted to death as he was holding an aluminum extension ladder for his father. The father and son were about to trim a residential tree as a favor for their local pastor. As the ladder became extended, it came into contact with a tree branch. That branch then made contact with a 7200-volt primary electric line which was approximately 10 feet away. An electrical circuit formed and it sent the voltage through the son’s body. His father later testified that immediately after the shock, his son fell to the ground, got back up and then fell… Read More

$9.75 Million for Cerebral Palsy Caused by Medical Malpractice in the NICU

A Camden County Judge approved a $9.5 million settlement for RD’s client for medical malpractice in the NICU. This was for an eight-year-old girl who sustained significant brain injuries just weeks after her premature birth at a hospital in South Jersey. It was the 5th largest settlement in New Jersey for 2020. What Actually Happened? The alleged malpractice occurred during the treatment of the 14-days old infant in the NICU. At that point, the premature but stable infant began to develop a rash on her left arm. NICU initially diagnosed the rash as a baby rash. However, two days later,… Read More

Medori Named to Top 40 Under 40 by National Trial Lawyers

Anthony was named a Top 40 Under 40 attorney in New Jersey by The National Trial Lawyers. He also recently authored an article that was published in the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Product Liability and Mass Tort Section Newsletter concerning “successor liability”. It aims to hold successor corporations responsible for the wrongful acts of its predecessor companies or companies that the successor subsequently acquires.

$900,000 for Injuries Sustained by Worker on Shredding Truck

A 51-year-old employee of a paper shredding truck company recovered $900,000 after the cutting blades of a mobile truck shredded partially amputated his foot in 2015 when he climbed into the hopper to clear a paper jam. The shredder pulled our client’s boot and foot in, severing his toes and mangling his right foot. Read more about this settlement and how Andy Rossetti handled the case for RD. What happened? A lawsuit was filed against the manufacturer of the truck alleging that the truck was defective. This was because the hopper should have been guarded in a way that would… Read More

RD’s Baxter Obtains Multiple Jury Trial Verdicts

Read more about Melissa Baxter‘s multiple jury verdicts and their conclusions. The First of Baxter’s Jury Verdicts: A School Bus Driver Verdict Melissa Baxter obtained a $133,121.00 jury verdict in Camden, County when an SUV in traffic struck a 39-year-old driver of a school bus. The defense maintained that the impact was light. Moreover, they also maintained that all of the injuries were pre-existing. However, at trial, Melissa dismantled the defense. She caught the defendant lying on the stand. And, she successfully utilized the testimony of the defendants’ own expert witness to support the case. Using technology to her client’s… Read More

$1.3 Million for Tractor Trailer Crash

Read more about how two trucking companies paid $1.3 million settlement. This happened after a tractor trailer crash left our female client with neck and back injuries requiring two surgeries. Lou DeVoto represented RD’s client in the case. What happened? Our client was operating an 18 wheel tractor trailer when she slowed due to traffic conditions at the merge of I-287 and Route 78 in northern New Jersey. She was rear-ended by a tractor trailer who in turn was then rear-ended by a third tractor trailer. Our client suffered neck and back injuries that were treated conservatively for years. The… Read More

$2.6 Million for Bicyclist Struck by City Sanitation Truck

Read more about this $2.6 million settlement and how Lou DeVoto successfully represented RD’s client. What actually happened? $2.6 million settlement on the day of trial against the City of Clifton for damages sustained by RD’s client who was cut-off by a city garbage truck while approaching an intersection on his bicycle. RD’s client landed under the truck and sustained fractures to his arm and shoulder. Additionally, he sustained scarring to his face. And, was subsequently blinded in one eye from a medical complication that arose during one of his scar revision surgeries. The defense claimed that RD’s client caused the… Read More

Cumberland County Jury Awards $486,000.00

Bridgeton, New Jersey: A Cumberland County Jury returned a verdict of $486,000.00 in favor of a 35-year-old Millville resident for injuries she sustained in a car accident on April 20, 2004. Hence, the verdict was rendered after three days of trial before the Honorable Michael Brooke Fisher, JSC. Louis J. DeVoto of Rossetti & DeVoto, P.C. in Cherry Hill represented the plaintiff. What Happened in the Car Accident? Joanne Saduk was seriously injured on April 20, 2004 when the car she was driving was struck in the rear at a high rate of speed while stopped to make a left… Read More

$1.5 Million for Injured Motorcyclist

The state of New Jersey pays $1.5 million to injured motorcyclist during the trial in 2008. Bridgeton, New Jersey. May 2008 The Case of Injured Motorcyclist The State of New Jersey paid $1.5 million to a motorcyclist injured in a crash with a State Trooper on October 18, 2005. However, the settlement occurred on May 15, 2008, after three days of trial before the Honorable Martin Herman, JSC in Cumberland County. Hence, Louis J. DeVoto of Rossetti & DeVoto, P.C. in Cherry Hill represented the plaintiff. Allegedly, Trooper was negligent in crossing an intersection and darting out in front of… Read More

$1.5 Million Settlement Against Golf Course for Failure to Maintain Trees

Read more about a $1.5 Million settlement against a golf course. A $1.5 Million settlement was reached against a South Jersey Golf course after a 77 year-old man was seriously injured when a dead tree branch fell from 20 feet and struck him while he was playing golf. RD was able to get to the scene immediately after the incident. And, RD filed an emergent application with the court to grant us access to the course and to preserve the tree and tree limb as well as photograph the site. This proved invaluable in demonstrating that this was not an… Read More

$1.3 Million Settlement for Two Navy Recruits Injured in Crash

Read more about this million-worth settlement for Navy recruits. A $1.3 million settlement was reached for two young Navy recruits who were both seriously injured when the driver of their vehicle, a Navy recruiter, pulled from a stop sign directly into oncoming traffic just after the recruits took and passed their entrance exam. The crash was severe. But, liability was under dispute as were the injuries. Andy Rossetti handled the case for RD. Moreover, he presented a complex accident reconstruction to the federal Judge during settlement negotiations in order to obtain this large settlement. The reconstruction was convincing. And, it… Read More

$945,000 Recovered Against Product Manufacturer

Read more about this almost a million-worth settlement against the product manufacturer. What happened? Rossetti & DeVoto recovered $945,000 for woman injured by a defective workplace machine causing amputation to her thumb. Andy Rossetti handled the case. RD’s 56-year-old client had her thumb amputated by an unguarded rotating shaft on a wave solder machine. She worked in a manufacturing plant. Her job was to shut down the machine by bringing the hot solder pot out of the machine and place a thermal blanket on top of the pot, and then bring the pot back into the machine. When the solder… Read More

$1.9 Million Recovery in Wrongful Death

Rossetti & DeVoto recovers $1.9 Million for wrongful death for the family of a 16-year-old autistic student whose tragic drowning death occurred while taking part in a weekly swimming class at the Burlington County Special Services School in Westampton, New Jersey. DeVoto on the Case of Wrongful Death Lou DeVoto handled this case of wrongful death for RD. Shortly after the drowning, DeVoto filed an emergent action in New Jersey Superior Court – Burlington County to compel the Burlington County Special Services School District to preserve and turn over key evidence before the filing of a lawsuit. The judge agreed… Read More

$1,850,000 Settlement for Fractured Leg

The County of Monmouth agrees to pay $1.85 Million for leg injuries sustained by a 62-year-old Cliffwood Beach resident. The resident suffered an injury in a crash with a Monmouth County Senior Citizen Transport Bus. Lou DeVoto handled the case for Rossetti & DeVoto. Find out more about this settlement for a fractured leg. What occurred? The defendant negligently pulled from a stop sign. Then, the defendant drove the bus directly into the path of RD’s client. RD’s client had no ability to avoid the crushing impact. While RD’s client testified that the bus pulled directly into her path of… Read More

$750,000 Medical Malpractice Verdict

A Camden County Jury awarded $750,000 to a Rossetti & DeVoto client on October 10, 2013, after she sustained internal injuries during a c-section. Read more about this medical malpractice verdict. Rossetti on the Case Andy Rossetti tried the case for the firm in a trial that lasted two weeks before the Honorable Anthony Pugliese, J.S.C. Rossetti alleged that the doctor injured the small bowel during the c-section. Then, the doctor failed to identify the injury during the surgery. Her failure to protect the bowel resulted in the bowel contents to spill into the abdominal cavity. The bacteria-laden contents infected… Read More

Lou and Andy Named to Best Lawyers

Rossetti & DeVoto

Lou DeVoto and Andy Rossetti have again been named to New Jersey's Best Lawyers for Personal Injury Litigation. This is the 15th year in a row that each attorney has been named in the elite rankings.

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Rossetti & DeVoto, PC was selected for inclusion in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers by Martindale-Hubbell, ranking them among the most distinguished law firms in America. Fewer than 5% of all law firms are included in the Bar Register.

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