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How Can You Determine If a Product Is Defective or Faulty?

defective or faulty product

Being injured is never a good thing. This is especially true if you were injured through no fault of your own. When a person is hurt because of a defective product or poor warnings for hidden dangers, they may be able to claim compensation for their injuries. But how do you know if it was a faulty product and not just a freak accident? Here’s how you can determine if a product is defective or faulty.

How to Determine If a Product is Defective or Faulty

One of the first questions people often as a lawyer after they’ve been injured by a product is how they can determine if that product was indeed defective or faulty. To determine if the product was defective, an experienced law firm will likely ask several questions and look into particular aspects of the product. These questions and investigations generally include:

  • What was the product?
  • Who are the competitors to the manufacturer of the product?
  • What are their competitors doing similarly or differently?
  • What do the industry standards require?
  • Are there any safety warnings missing?
  • Could the injury suffered have been prevented?
  • If the injury could be prevented, should it have been prevented?
  • Are there any changes which could have been made to the product which would have made it safer?
  • Did you preserve the product and is it still available for product engineers to inspect?

defective or faulty productsDepending on the above answers, an experienced product liability attorney will be able to determine if a person has a strong claim for compensation for injuries suffered by a defective or faulty product.

Common Defective Products

Defective and fault products come in all shapes and sizes but can generally be broken down into three distinct categories.

Defectively Manufactured

The most obvious type of defective products is those which are defectively manufactured. These include all items that contain basic physical or chemical production mistakes. A step-ladder with a poorly riveted step is one such example a defectively manufactured product. Usually, these defects are isolated and most of the manufactured products are not defective.

Defectively Designed

Defectively designed products are those which were poorly designed by the manufacturer. Should, for instance, the buckles on a child restraint be too weak and a child is hurt in a crash, the product would have a design defect. These cases require proof that another method of design would have reduced the likelihood of harm or injury in similar circumstances.

Improper Warnings

Products need to have warnings which provide consumers with information pertaining to any dangers they may pose. If a manufacturer or retailer fails to provide these warning when there is a danger which is not obvious to a reasonable person, an injured party may have the right to seek compensation for the injuries they suffered.

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