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New Jersey Remote Personal Injury Attorney: Your Rights as a Worker in New Jersey

new jersey remote personal injury attorney

As we continue to figure out how to navigate working in COVID-19 and what exactly our working world is going to look like in the future, knowing what your rights are as an employee is extremely important. Even before COVID-19 highlighted workers’ rights when working from home, workers had rights that they were, and still are, entitled to. As a firm that has one of the best New Jersey remote personal injury attorney and New Jersey remote accident attorneys, we want you to know what rights you are entitled to as a worker in New Jersey from Rossetti & DeVoto, PC.

If you are looking for a more detailed description of how you are protected as a worker in New Jersey, visit the Department of Labor and Workforce Development website or speak to a New Jersey remote personal injury attorney or a New Jersey remote accident attorney about your rights.

Below we have given basic information on what you are entitled to.


In New Jersey, the minimum wage is $11.00 and will go up by a dollar each year for the next four years. It is your right to receive at least this amount for your work, as well as overtime pay. Overtime pay is at least 1 ½ times your hourly pay for every hour over the typical 40. If you have not received this, contact a New Jersey remote personal injury attorney. Or, a New Jersey remote accident attorney to see what the next steps might be.

Sick Leave

Barring a few exceptions, if you are a full or part-time employee you are entitled to earn sick leave. You should earn an hour for every 30 hours worked, with a maximum of 40 hours per year. Sometimes it is doled out by an employer at the beginning of the year. Moreover, if you have extra hours at the end of the year, you can carry up to 40 hours over to the next year. Or, your employer may pay you for it instead.

Temporary Disability

new jersey remote personal injury attorney

This covers workers who have an illness or injury that stops them from working. In fact, you have to have paid into the program through your employment. Additionally, you should meet the minimum requirement for wages earned. If you believe you should be receiving temporary disability and haven’t been, contact a New Jersey remote personal injury attorney or a New Jersey remote accident attorney to talk about what you can do.

New Parent Benefits

If you are a new mother or a father, you also have rights in the state of New Jersey. As a mother giving birth you can either go on temporary disability or family leave. Temporary disability covers up to four weeks before you give birth and up to six weeks after. 

Family leave covers up to 12 weeks. And, it can be done in succession or day by day, depending on what you think is best. A parent who did not give birth is also entitled to ask for the same amount of time off. This applies to parents of adopted children as well.

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