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WARNING: Don’t Call a TV Injury Firm Until You Read This!

TV Attorneys

Whether you need a personal injury attorney or not, one thing is for sure. If you’ve seen their advertising commercial playing on the television, you know how to get in contact with them. We all have seen the advertising commercials with the “TV attorneys”. Sometimes, the commercials with the TV attorneys are the only times we ever hear about the attorneys.

Certainly, the commercials can be entertaining or maybe contain a catchy jingle. But, how many people have considered reaching out to these attorneys when they suffer a personal injury? How credible are these TV attorneys compared to personal injury attorneys who do not advertise themselves on television?

Reasons Why Clients Reach Out to TV Attorneys

People may think to reach out to TV attorneys before a personal injury attorney without a TV commercial because of their visibility. Many people have little to no experience dealing with an attorney and don’t know where to start. They mistakenly believe that the attorney with the most advertising and exposure is the most experienced in town.

However, as with everything on television, things are not what they appear to be. And, many times it’s the complete opposite. When a personal injury firm maintains a hefty advertising budget, it may mean that this is their only means of obtaining business. Rather than client and attorney referrals for a job well done, advertising law firms make lots of promises. But, in reality, may not deliver on those promises and their representation may not be personal at all. Often times, these advertising firms are not local. And, they wind up eventually referring the cases to local attorneys in return for a referral fee.

How Large Advertising Budgets Lead to High Volume Processing

When personal injury firms have large budgets for advertising, one thing happens. These law firms must cover the costs of the advertising bill somehow. As a result, many of these advertising firms might accept as many personal injury claims as they can. Instead of working with a personal injury attorney that will take their time reviewing and developing the facts of the case, clients often find themselves becoming just another number, possibly working with attorneys who spend as little time on their case as possible.

A large number of these TV attorneys are more concerned with settling claims quickly to cover the costs of advertising than with getting the client the best possible result. They may be less concerned with earning your repeat business. In fact, they are more concerned with their business model of “getting the next case.” A respected and well-qualified personal injury attorney must always have his or her client’s best interests as the sole focus.

Lack of Personalized Representation

It is a red flag when a personal injury attorney has no or little time to meet with their client. This is one characteristic that shows that the client is about to be represented by a “settlement mill” law firm. Some of these TV personal injury firms advertise nationally. It is rare for the firm to have a fully staffed, local office in their client’s hometown. Even more alarming, much of the work being performed on the client’s case may be done by paralegals instead of the actual attorneys. The client may only speak to the actual attorney involved when asked to approve or reject a settlement offer.

Never Going to Trial

Another characteristic of many TV personal injury firms is that they may opt for settling cases quickly rather than incurring the expense to go to trial. Some of these firms are only interested in one thing – processing as many claims as possible. While going to trial can prolong the settlement process, it ultimately increases the value of personal injury settlements.  Insurance companies know which law firms have the skill and talent to take a case to trial and win and the settlement offers often reflect that fact. When law firms take large numbers of cases without ever going to trial, all personal injury cases suffer because the settlement numbers are driven lower. Not only may you be robbed of the compensation that they deserve, future clients are also affected by these low settlements.

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