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Dear Lou-

I write this on the third anniversary of my husband’s death to commend you on your unblemished and professional presentation of the case at the recent arbitration. Your impeccable appearance and confident delivery of the facts paralleled Joe’s taste in dress and candor. You would be termed a “winner” in Joe’s eyes as you are in Allison’s and mine.

Please know how deeply touched I was by your conveying to me how you had spent the evening before the arbitration going through family photographs of Joe and sharing them with your wife to get a feel for the kind of person he was. That display of humanism demonstrates unquestionable integrity on your part. It speaks for itself.

This case remains to be, as you have represented it, about Joe, a sorely missed and loving husband, father, son, and brother, who met his untimely and horrific death through the gross inattentiveness on the part of others.

Allison and I continue to be grateful and proud to have you as counsel.

Cheryl Strupczewski


I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to personally thank you for all you did. On the overall scale of things, it wasn’t a big case, but you took it anyway. It was a victory for the little guy and a lot of good came from this case. So, thank you. I’m thankful for being introduced to you and getting to know you. You lawyers always get a bad rap, but I can see that you never forgot where you came from in life. Again, thank you and Maureen. Best of luck in all your endeavors and may you have health and happiness in the years to come.

Alan Tanz


I just wanted to sincerely thank you for representing us and for helping us to resolve this very difficult and personal issue. I still will not feel totally at ease until we sign the settlement agreement and the check clears. I hope we have not been too difficult to deal with. You have been very patient and gracious in responding to our attempts at interpreting the law. Yesterday was an extremely stressful day for us and I appreciate the fact that you did not try to add to our stress by pressuring or bullying us. I feel you have treated us fairly and I would not hesitate to ask you to represent us in the future (God forbid we would need it) or to recommend you to a family member or friend.

After I left the meeting yesterday, I met my friend _____. She asked me who our attorney was and she was shocked when I said your name. She said that she absolutely loves you and that you have a beautiful family and very well behaved children. She said to say “hi.”

I told you that I had a good feeling about you and that I felt things would end well. I am very content with our settlement and now we can close this chapter and move on. Thank you!



We can’t thank you enough for all your help and patience. Take care!

Angel Climer

Hi Lou,

To my favorite lawyer in the world (smile), I just want to say thank you for your kindness and the personalized attention that you’ve consistently given me over the years while representing my case.
You were always available, always taking time out to answer my questions & explaining things to me, even while on vacation at times (laugh) and it was that personal touch that made me feel secure and confident in knowing that everything was going to be alright.

Your witty ways of charming another lawyer amazed me, like the time when you brought in pretzels (before a deposition) for the opposing attorney to try to slightly win him over, just because you heard that he likes pretzels (laugh).

And we had our little moment when I wanted to sue Joe Frazier because one of the mirrors in his gym fell on my back, remember that, and you and I went back & forth for months about it. You said that it would hurt the good case I already had with the car accident, well I finally caved in and trusted your judgment, although I still think we should have sued…laugh!

And I appreciated the time a few years ago when the third vehicle involved in my case tried to sue me (because the car that hit me, ran me into her), and it had to go before the judge, you made me feel confident knowing that everything was going to be alright. And in fact it was, for the judge ruled in my favor and threw it out! You gave me good advice as always!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention your great office staff, who were always cordial, professional & nice, whenever I called. And I will continue to refer potential clients in the future.

I love you guys! Keep up the good work! And again thank you Lou, I’m going to miss talking to you, YOU’RE THE BEST!!

Gail Jasper

Andy, Maureen and Staff:

Just wanted to thank you for always being there for me. I knew what to expect from the beginning, my questions were always answered quickly and my mind put at ease.

Mary Beth Charlton


With heartfelt appreciation for all your great work!

Bob Cummings

Mr. Lou DeVoto,

Thanks for representing me. You and your assistants made me feel very confident and comfortable during this time of need. I will highly recommend you.

Merrill McFadden

Dear Andy and Staff of Rossetti & DeVoto,

Although I am well aware that you act on behalf of clients that have far more critical and even sensation problems than mine, I realize that my case was small by comparison and yet you gave it your time and professional efforts despite this. This case was important to my sense of justice and fairness and the outcome was successful.

I deeply appreciate your diligence and caring approach on my behalf.

Dolores Kreal

Dear Lou,

We have had a long 7 year lawyer-client relationship. You have been nothing short of professional and caring. I understand the many, many hours of efficient work that it took to win my lawsuit and I want you to know that I appreciate your efforts.

I don’t know how to thank you for the sacrifices you made in time, work and money.

Please know that you are not only a fine lawyer, but more importantly, a fine person.

Susan F.

Dear Andy,

I am so grateful for the outstanding way you handled my case, you did a wonderful job. I can remember the first day I walked in the office and spoke with Gary and Mike, and soon after met you. I know after meeting everyone my case was in good hands. You made me feel very comfortable from depositions right through the trial. The outcome was amazing.

I appreciate all the long hours and hard work you put in. Also, your staff is very warm and friendly and was always helpful. In the future, I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs an excellent lawyer.

Thanks again


Great job with Joanne. After Jana, my mom, and Joanne, I feel great about recommending you as much as I possibly can. In fact, my boss’s wife just got bit by a dog. Her name is April Warren. She should be calling you.

Thanks again.
Paul Wagner


On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for your concern and help with my dad’s death and our grief. I am so grateful for the information and explanation Dr. Kirby gave to us. Thank you for giving us your time and helping my family on their grief journey. Know you are in my grateful prayer.

Sister Helen

Dear Lou,

Thanks for all the legal help. I know you didn’t have to do what you did for me for that price. I’m very grateful to you and Rob and just wanted to let you know.

Thanks again,


It has been a while since our victory against Iguana Beach Club and I wanted to take a moment to formally thank you for taking on my case. I am very glad I was referred to you because the statute of limitations at that time was only 8 months away and I did not have a court date. Right after we signed a contingency contract, you filed my case with the courts. From the beginning, I explained to you my expectations of the case. You were honest and direct in explaining all the risks and possible outcomes. Also, you assured me you would take this case to court if a reasonable demand was not met. Due to the fact that my case could almost be seen by some as a “bar fight,” not too many lawyers were willing to take my case on, let alone, take it all the way to a jury verdict.

You managed to close this case within 2 years and 4 months from our initial meeting; that is very impressive. You stayed on top of this case and extinguished every ball of fire the defense threw in your path during the discovery- holding back information (I.E., the bouncer’s handbook and prior security violations) and trying to make delay after delay. You controlled this case. After reading through the depositions, I was amazed at the amount of incriminating evidence you pulled out of those bouncers. It’s clear to any reader that they lied on top of lies. About a year after that, we went to arbitration. Again, you backed that bouncer into a corner. You could look in his eyes and see he was having difficulty being untruthful under oath. His eyes were blood shot and it looked like he was under so much pressure he was going to break down and cry. When we were waiting for the elevator after the hearing, you told me the amount the judge awarded and I was blown away.

But still, I wasn’t totally satisfied yet. After all I had been through with multiple surgeries to fix my eye socket, nose and teeth, I wanted more. Believe it or not, if we had stopped there, I would not be as happy as I am today. I wanted my case heard by a jury. I wanted to see the bouncer take the stand and own up to his misgivings. One of the best parts of the trial was when you said to the bouncer, “Okay, I am going to give you one more chance to tell this court what actually happened that night.” For a split second he looked confused, caught off guard, almost like he was going to tell the truth. It was awesome. And I’m sure the jury picked up on that. All the arguments you made to the judge regarding the allowance of evidence into the case were very powerful, he favored your argument over the defense’s every time. I could barely keep a straight face each time the judge sided with you. The part when the defense assumed the security professional was drinking alcohol while researching the club’s atmosphere was comical. It really put the spotlight on how weak the defense’s tactics were. The defense wanted to discredit all of our witnesses at any cost. The defense lawyer even made some insinuations about me in his closing arguments that I found very offensive. But you turned that around when you told me days after the trial the jury found me to be a decent productive individual and not some loser.

I remember waking up at 5AM on the last day of trial. This was it. There would be closing arguments and then the decision was in the hands of the jury. They would decide if I was to receive any compensation and if so, the amount. This case was so one-sided in our favor, I knew we would win, but would the award be worth it? I must admit that the defense’s closing argument was very convincing by the use of statistics that supported the club’s security record. It was amazing how he could take a bunch of information, bend it and twist it to tell a story that was far from reality. I do think it hurt the defense when he put all those calculations and zeroes on the flip chart (whether behind or in front of the decimal). It almost invited the jury to break out a calculator and start multiplying. Then it was time for you to make the closing argument for our case. All I can say is I don’t think anyone was prepared for your stellar performance. Not even your colleagues. The jury’s eyes followed you as you demonstrated different moves, they laughed when you were sarcastic, they were serious when you told of the pain and suffering, and at the very end they all lifted out of their chars to see you lying on the floor. And on top of that you took every dig the defense made in their closing argument and turned it around in our favor. It was an Academy-award winning performance. You told the story better than I could have. Everything I wanted addressed was covered in your closing argument.

I could tell we won by the jury’s reaction to your closing argument. But how much compensation would they award? I think the jury deliberated for only 2 hours around lunchtime. It was exciting when the jury read their verdict. It felt so good when they found 100% in my favor. And on top of that, they awarded me a generous amount of money.

At the end of our very first conversation in December of 1999, I said to you, “All right Lou, let’s make some money.” We did that and more. For me, the money is huge, but I never realized what it would feel like to come out of this whole ordeal on top- a true winner. I now have closure- I am lucky for that alone. So many people out there are mugged or jumped and have nobody to sue. Friends and acquaintances that haven’t seen me for a while ask if my case has settled yet; and I answer them “no- actually we went for the jury verdict and won!” And I say it with such excitement. They are genuinely happy for me and say they can see a positive difference in my persona. It feels so good to have my pride back.

Thank you,
Jere DeVoe


Thank you so much for your assistance. There’s no way we could have done it without you.


Dear Lou-

Thank you for all your help with my case. Also, I would like to thank you for the Phillies tickets and mugs. The boys can’t wait to go to the game!

Thanks again!


Dear Andy-

It is all “thank you”! Thanks for all you did for my family to prepare this case and carry it through. I know we are all grateful. If you could have known my brother TJ, you would have experienced his gratitude. He was always grateful for anything people did for him.

I’m sorry that all your hours of work did not give you recompense. I do believe that our good Lord will repay your hard work and generosity with a hundred-fold of blessings.

It was clear that you are a person who has integrity and who fights for justice. I will never tell another “lawyer joke” after meeting you!

Thanks for everything. In spite of the outcome, it was good to know that Dr. D. had to sit and listen to what he did.

With prayer
Sister Lin N.

Dear Lou-

I would like to thank you again for helping me in court. If it weren’t for your help, my father probably would’ve killed me with a slow torture. I also wanted to say that the way you dealt with the prosecutor and the officer was amazing. I would also like to remind you that you’re invited to play golf at MVCC any time you want. Thanks again.


Lou and Staff

Thank you so much for all of your efforts in resolving our claims. It was a pleasure to work with all of you. Should anything come up in the future, we will definitely be in touch!

Take care and thanks again!

Tony and Lori

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